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2020: A review of the year

14 December 2020

After a year unlike any other, we are looking forward to the festive break but also wanted to take some time to reflect on the last 12 months.

Are your processes held together with sticky tape?

03 November 2020

In today’s environment, businesses are facing constant challenges like adapting to changing circumstances and coping with a fluctuation in demand.

Are you still using Excel spreadsheets in your business processes?

25 October 2020

Many organisations start using spreadsheets to manage aspects of their business, from keeping track of finances to logging lists of customer contacts.

Do you need to update your membership management system?

14 September 2020

If you are a membership organisation or professional body running an old system, the circumstances we have been dealing with during the COVID-19 pandemic will have probably exposed some limitations with this. If you have had difficulty accessing your system while working from home, you may be wondering what alternatives are available.

How software solutions can help to re-open offices

25 August 2020

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease, offices are now beginning to re-open. While we believe that an increase in remote working is here to stay, there is still a need in many cases for a traditional office environment.