Off-the-shelf software solutions

As well as developing bespoke solutions for our customers, we also offer off-the-shelf membership management software.

Membership Management Software

Our off-the-shelf membership management software is designed to easily and effectively meet the audience interaction and data management needs of membership organisations and professional bodies.

KLOC-MMS features

  • Member registration, logon and profile pages
  • Members' area with private content, and access to members-only content
  • Members directory (public or private) for businesses and private members
  • Multiple membership classes/levels
  • Automatic renewal processing
  • Event management with calendar, multiple event types, online event booking
  • Document management

Why work with KLOC

  • Experts in software development
  • Decades of experience
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Friendly team of developers, project managers, consultants and quality engineers
  • Easily and effectively meet your needs
  • Improve competitive advantage, increase profitability and achieve greater agility
  • Impeccable reputation

KLOC’s Membership Management System

KLOC’s cloud-based membership management software provides the most powerful combination of audience administration and content management features on the market today.

KLOC Membership Management System (KLOC-MMS) is a fully featured, commercial-grade application, that handles all the key tasks associated with running membership entities such as membership applications, payment handling, content management, document generation and event administration.

KLOC-MMS is an off-the-shelf solution, designed to easily and effectively cope with the specific business needs of membership organisations, professional bodies, industry associations, clubs, livery companies and guilds while eliminating the need for expensive and cumbersome external CRM system.

Our membership software integrates tightly with WordPress so that owners can enjoy all the rich content management features that WordPress offers to build and manage an attractive web presence for both public and private members areas. However, unlike many simplistic WordPress membership plug-ins, the KLOC-MMS incorporates a full CRM, designed to deliver rapid performance even with high-volume databases.

Please contact us for more information and to arrange a demonstration of the KLOC Membership Management Solution.