What are the different types of software development?

21 June 2021 | Blog

The term ‘software development’ covers a vast range of services, from creating websites to video games! KLOC are experts in business-to-business software development and we will be focusing on this area, detailing the most relevant and important types of development we see today.

Types of software development

Web development

Web development refers to the work involved in developing a website for the internet or intranet. It can range in complexity from a single page to complex, multi-section sites including CRM or ERP integration. Websites are usually a group of linked pages, accessible globally via a URL in an internet browser.

Websites are usually built using JavaScript, CSS and HTML5. Web development is about more than just building a site, huge consideration is also paid to user experience.

We’re sure you don’t need us to give you examples of websites, but the most visited site in the world currently is (unsurprisingly!) Google.

Web applications

A web application (or web app) is a computer program that is stored on a remote server and accessed using an internet browser. Where websites allow a one-way flow of information, web apps can deliver a wide range of functions and interactive elements to allow a two-way information flow. Both a website and a web application are accessed through a web browser but a web application is often connected to a database so data can be collected, stored and referenced.

Web apps are usually built using JavaScript, CSS and HTML5, like a web page, and are extremely customisable. They are responsive and will adapt to whatever device you are viewing them on.

The most widely used web applications include Google Drive and Microsoft 365.

Mobile development

Mobile development typically means developing a native mobile app for a specific platform – iOS or android. They can be built to integrate with your server-side database.

Apps need to be downloaded by the user and installed via an app store and then remain on the device then have been installed on. They often need permission granted so they can access functions of the device.

Mobile technology can extend your business systems onto new devices, improving communication, increasing engagement and building competitive advantage. Possible uses include announcements popping up on your teams’ smartphones to relay key messages or changes to their schedules, gathering vital data and images straight from the field, directly into your database, or allowing your customers to receive individually customised offers and pricing.

Mobile applications can include anything from Candy Crush to Netflix. 

Bespoke software

When a company or organisation has a specific software need that is not covered by the general types of software development, they move on to a tailor-made approach. They do this by commissioning software developers to create custom software to fit their requirement for unique technological solutions.

Bespoke software development allows businesses to build from scratch a piece of software that will exactly meet their needs, allow them to complete their business processes and can grow with them as their requirements change.

Many businesses develop bespoke solutions to replace legacy software, or to remove a reliance on spreadsheets. Bespoke software can provide a secure, scalable and efficient option while also improving competitive advantage.

E-commerce solutions

E-commerce development can vary in scale from straightforward product catalogues and checkouts to wholesale quotation systems with advanced product configuration capabilities and complex CRM integrations.

The recent growth and reliance on e-commerce has solidified its importance for businesses – a successful solution actively generates revenue. It is important to meet the needs of both the business and the customer, delivering user-friendly navigation, mobile-responsive designs and secure integration with payment providers.

Data Science

Data has been the driving force behind today’s online advertising techniques. Large data sets can be of value when professionals, such as data scientists, know how to comb through extensive information and pull valuable insights. These newfound insights will then be used as the framework for advertising, predictive models, and other analytics.

About KLOC

We are experts in software development. We design and build bespoke business systems, mobile apps and high-end websites to help our customers improve their competitive advantage, increase profitability and achieve greater agility. The KLOC team have years of experience developing software solutions for a wide range of companies.  Our technical skills cover all the major development platforms including .NET, PHP, Xamarin, iOS, android, HTML5 and JavaScript.

Software development services

KLOC’s software development services include:

  • Web application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Bespoke software development
  • Website development
  • Advanced e-commerce solutions

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