Meet the Team: Jim Parsons

03 August 2021 | Blog

Jim Parsons is the Managing Director of KLOC. He founded the company in 2005 having worked in the IT industry since 1984. Today we find out a bit more about Jim and his history with KLOC.

How did you get into software development?
I taught myself to code in BASIC on a Commodore VIC 20, which was a Christmas present from my Dad in 1980. My first employer, Digital Equipment Corporation, recognised my ability and gave me an apprenticeship.

What made you start KLOC?
I started KLOC because I was driven by a desire to deliver better web solutions than the market norms of the time. I wanted to make bespoke web apps really work for people.

How much has changed since 2005?
Since the company started in 2005, the technological advances have been huge in areas such as internet bandwidth and web browser capabilities, these have driven the fundamental shift away from on-premises solutions to cloud-based web applications.

Smartphones and tablets have also come along since the foundation of KLOC and while we always knew that these would be hugely important, it has taken longer than I expected for bespoke enterprise mobile apps to really take off.

For KLOC specifically, the business started out with just me, working from home, before taking offices in Hungerford with 3 employees. We now have 20+ staff, £1m+ turnover and a long list of satisfied customers including SuperCamps, Fitbit and Team Teach.

What do you think makes KLOC different from other software developers?
The real difference is the team here at KLOC. We have so much experience across so many industries, which enables us to design superb solutions that really make a big difference to our customers. We love to be involved with our customers and to feel part of their success stories.

What is your favourite project that KLOC has completed?
It’s always exciting when we see the customer business benefit of our efforts, and the pinnacle of this so far has to be the insurance policy admin system that we recently developed with KBIS British Equestrian Insurance. Upon going live, this immediately enabled huge time savings across their business. The complexity of the system was immense but we worked closely with KBIS throughout the development to ensure a successful delivery. It was a real credit to everyone involved – our team and theirs.

What is your ambition for KLOC?
My aim for KLOC is for us to be the leading software development company in the Thames Valley, and I believe we are well on our way to making that happen.

What do you do outside of work?
I love to be outdoors and active – skydiving is my main passion and I also enjoy sailing, windsurfing and hillwalking.

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