Microsoft Access Database Replacement

Access Database Replacement

If your business uses Microsoft Access as a platform to help you manage one of your key processes, you may find that it can no longer meet your needs as your business grows and evolves. KLOC are software development experts, specialising in designing and building bespoke software solutions, and with excellent experience in Microsoft Access database replacement.

Microsoft Access database replacement
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Benefits of bespoke software development

  • Tailored to meet your exact needs
  • Allow remote access and data sharing
  • Reduce security risks
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve scalability
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Eliminate dependency on old technology
  • Build resaleable intellectual property

Why work with KLOC?

  • Specialists in software development
  • High quality development services backed by expert support
  • UK-based development team
  • Decades of experience covering web, mobile and desktop
  • Wide skillset including .NET, PHP and Xamarin
  • Cost-effective solutions that will be delivered on time and on budget

Benefits of bespoke Access database replacement

Remove data limits
Microsoft Access has limits on the amount of data it can hold. If you handle large amounts of data, you may need a more scalable solution that can grow with your business.
Better security
If your business holds sensitive information which needs to be handled securely, Access may not meet your security needs. A bespoke system can be built to include all the security features required.
Remove user limits
Microsoft Access has limits on the number of concurrent users, whereas a bespoke system can be set up to allow any number of users at the same time.
Improve performance
There are a number of factors that limit the performance of Microsoft Access, from slow usage speeds when handling large amounts of data through to inefficiency due to not being user friendly. A bespoke system can be built to be intuitive, adaptable and easy to use.
Microsoft Access can only be used on a local system of across a local network which causes access issues, especially with staff working remotely. Replacing with a cloud-based system resolves these issues.
Increase flexibility
As a Microsoft system, Access limits you to the Windows operating system. If you have users across multiple devices and operating systems, you will need a flexible solution that will run on all platforms.


We chose KLOC to create an incredibly complex and innovative website. The team at KLOC were professional and helpful at all times and we would recommend them wholeheartedly.
Charles Nicholson
Managing Director
The Contract Chair Company
We selected KLOC to build and run multiple Fitbit challenge websites for their ability to handle the significant technical integration requirements of our projects, respect our specific needs in the processing of personal data, and to deliver on time. We have not been disappointed – KLOC has delivered every time. Each one of our challenge projects has been a success and we continue to use KLOC to build further integrated sites
Lucy Sheehan
Marketing Director
KLOC worked closely with me to fully understand the operational processes of Deeland Limited’s franchise business and it’s specific needs. KLOC made proposals to improve various aspects as we moved through the project. They were able to analyse the business processes that were needed by Deeland Limited to form part of their database and quickly transformed the database computer screen to a very professional layout and, importantly, easy to use computer programme.
Nick Dee Shapland
Managing Director
Deeland Limited
We are so pleased with the new website developed by KLOC. It is really important to us that we offer the best possible experience for our customers and the new site delivers. Customers are able to easily navigate the site and complete their booking while we also have all the security measures we need in place. It has allowed us to improve the service we provide to our customers.
We were introduced to KLOC through our IT team and we are very happy with the service we received throughout the development stages. Jim and his team were extremely helpful throughout the whole process. The service was very professional and the end product tailored to our very specific requirements. I would recommend KLOC and we will most certainly be calling on their services again in the future
Rafaela Kirilova
Payroll Manager
Continental Travelnurse
The construction industry is seen as behind other industries in terms of the use of technology. We knew we had to move away from old paper processes to an efficient, paperless approach that integrated into our current software systems. KLOC helped bring all our plans and ideas for the app to life and delivered a truly game-changing solution to the issues we were facing. We are already filling positions quicker and more efficiently and can see this app benefitting the whole industry throughout the UK.
Wayne Phillips
Head of Innovation & Technology
Hercules Site Services
KLOC have succeeded where many others have failed in developing a bespoke insurance system. It has completely changed our business and allows us to complete our business processes in one place. The most important aspect is that we are no longer limited in our plans to change or develop new products by our software but can make the correct decisions for the business, and the software adapts to fit the plan. We continue to work with KLOC on further developments and improvements to the system.
Guy Prest
Managing Director

About KLOC

KLOC is a software development company based in Berkshire. We are experts in software development for web, mobile and desktop. We have years of experience designing, building and delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions backed by expert support for a wide range of companies. Whether you are looking to replace old technology, reduce risk, increase capacity or improve competitive advantage, KLOC can develop the solution to help your business. Our team includes developers, project managers and quality managers. We come from a range of backgrounds and industries, giving us comprehensive knowledge and experience to draw on in order to create the perfect solution for our customers.

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