Website Maintenance

We keep your site alive and fresh to ensure that it continues to work for you throughout its life!

How many websites are built, put live and then allowed to wither on the branch? How much marketing is waiting to happen because the company website isn’t up to scratch?

Content Updates
We can help you add or update content on your site from a minor tweak to a major overhaul.
New Functionality
We can easily extend an existing website to encompass some new functionality. From galleries and news to eCommerce or integration, its all possible!
CMS Assistance
If your CMS is not working the way you want it to or you would like something straightened out then we can almost certainly help.
Style Updates
Let us apply a new design to your site. Whether its a few tweaks to sharpen up the site or a complete new layout we can rebuild it!
Performance Problems
If your site is running slowly or prone to errors then we will be happy to analyse it for you and work out a fix. We're happy to take an initial look at no cost and the chances are we'll be able to recommend a solution immediately.
Platform Updates
If you need to swap from one CMS to another or need your site putting into a CMS for the first time then we can take any existing site and change the way it is served.

Get a decent support service from a proper IT company!

KLOC Digital Solutions is geared up to provide you with a reliable¬†on-going support service. After the excitement of the creative phase is over we are happy to keep working with you to improve your site and keep it fresh and relevant. We are happy to keep maintaining that design even when it’s 2 years old and no longer quite so fresh or exciting and we’re always ready¬†to keep adding pages and finding new ways to keep your site working for you.

We frequently take on sites that have been developed elsewhere when the original developer is no longer interested or no longer in business. Because we are a professional, long-established service we are always there and we are always interested and our phones are always manned, 24x7x365.

If you want to work with a company that cares about your site as much as you do then please give us a call for a friendly chat and honest advice