Mobile Responsive Web Development

Most of your web visitors are viewing your site on their smartphones and tablets

KLOC Digital Solutions can make sure your site looks great whatever device its viewed on using current best practises for mobile-responsive design.

Media Queries
Generate optimised styles (CSS) by detecting the attributes of each viewing device and responding with the appropriate styles to match.
JavaScript Frameworks
Using frameworks like bootstrap.js give us a quick and consistent way to get your site looking good across a wide selection of devices.
Mobile Retro-fitting
We can take your existing site and make it mobile responsive, minimising further investment.

Based on the trend towards mobile, we recommend that anyone building a website or web application today should consider doing so with a “mobile-first” philosophy, that is, they design primarily for mobile and then adapt for desktop users.

Sites that are designed this way are easy to navigate on mobile devices and don’t require the user to “pinch and zoom” their way round a desktop site (which looks tiny on a mobile screen) and have navigation systems that work well with mobile touch screen devices without a mouse. E.g. menus do not rely on hovering the mouse over an option to get a response, which is not possible on a mobile.

The term “Mobile-Responsive” relates to the ability of a website to adapt its presentation to best suit the device on which it is being viewed. Typically this covers smartphone, tablet and desktop or laptop PC devices.

Using mobile-responsive techniques allows us to deliver websites that work in keeping with the mobile-first approach and usually leads to websites that have a single set of content managed through a single back-end content Management System (CMS) but which look great no matter what device they are viewed on.

KLOC have accumulated vast experience of delivering many types of websites in a way that will work across all devices. For example simple information sites may need to change text and image sizes and overall element positioning, whereas functional web apps may need to consider form layouts and the steps involved in collecting information and presenting results.

Whether you are considering your first moves to address mobile users on your website or have an existing site that needs attention, we would love to speak to you about what you have in mind.

We’re always happy to chat with no obligation on your part so why not give us a call or drop us a message?