JavaScript Development

Unleash the power of modern web browsers to deliver a stunning user experience

The JavaScript programming language in conjunction with the browser’s document object model (DOM) has lifted the browser from being a simplistic static page presentation tool to being a dynamic application platform. Using JavaScript, modern browsers can do almost anything that can be achieved in native desktop or mobile apps.

Dynamic Visual Effects
Using JavaScript we can create animated panels that rotate content or display graphs that move in real time. A great way to create eye-catching and engaging sites.
Optimised Page Loading
Use JavaScript to reduce page load times and decrease the work being done by your servers. Optimise for mobile and load on demand.
Single Page Applications
Free your users from the tedium of page refreshes at every click and make your web apps behave as smoothly as desktop apps. Use Ajax and REST services to create excellent user experiences.

We can bring your website to life!

The KLOC Digital Solutions dev team includes a number of highly capable and experienced JavaScript developers who can achieve amazing things with JavaScript and modern frameworks such as jQuery and Bootstrap.

When combined with AJAX and web services, JavaScript can turn your website into a rich application, free from the restrictions of web-based applications of yesteryear!

If you need to add rich functional capabilities to your website, then give KLOC a call to discuss your requirements without obligation.

Some JavaScript frameworks we use...

New JavaScript frameworks seem to appearĀ on a daily basis! Here are a few that we are currently using but if you need work doing in any framework we will be able to help you.
jQuery Development
The jQuery framework speeds up development of all kinds of JavaScript functionality.
Bootstrap Development
The de-facto standard for developing mobile-responsive sites.
Backbone Development
Facilitates development of single page apps utilising an MVP design pattern.