HTML5 Development

Work with a team that understands the latest standards and get ahead of the competition

HTML 5 is the latest version of the web-standard HyperText Markup Language that is used by all web browsers to display web pages. It introduces many new features aimed at keeping HTML5 in touch with the latest technologies such as smartphones and tablets.

Scalable Vector Graphics
Create stunning visuals straight to the page with minimal overhead and maximum responsiveness using SVG.
Forget Flash, now you can produce animations right on the page with canvas and JavaScript.
Local Data Storage
Store large amounts of data on the client from session to session, without the need to share it with the server.
2 Way Communications
Escape the limits of HTTP Request/Response and polling - create truly dynamic 2-way communication channels with Websockets.
Drag and Drop
Build functional user interfaces with familiar usage paradigms - HTML 5 makes drag and drop easy to achieve.
Audio & Video
Forget the <object> tag, now you can play MP3, MPEG4 and other formats straight from the page.

Ideas about the limitations of web-based applications are old hat now – with a modern browser you can do pretty much anything that you could do with a desktop or native app and more!

The KLOC dev team is well versed in all of the latest browser standards and capabilities. If you need a cutting-edge site developed that utilises the latest advanced web capabilities please get in touch to discuss your requirements.