WordPress Theme Development

Go beyond stock themes and build your own to suit your business

Performance Web can develop a custom WordPress template ensure that your site looks and behaves just as you want it to. Accept no compromise – demand your own design over an off-the-shelf-theme.

Custom Styling & Navigation
The chances of finding an off-the-shelf theme that combines the navigation style that you want along with a design that you love is remote! Get the exact behaviour you need with a custom theme!
Theme Customisation
Off the shelf themes are cheaper than bespoke designs. Enjoy the best of both worlds by having Performance Web customise your off-the-shelf theme to meet your exact requirements.
Mobile Responsive
Getting the optimal behaviour across all devices can be a tricky and subjective issue. A custom theme allows you to hit the spot on all devices.

There are literally thousands of themes available off-the-shelf for free or a relatively cheap fee. We are happy to build sites for you using your chosen theme, however, we can also customize an off-the-shelf theme or build you a new custom theme for you using designs supplied by your graphic designer.

If you need a graphic designer, we work for a range of creative agencies and are happy to recommend one to suit your taste and budget.

Get in touch to find out how we can make your WordPress site a success!