DotNetNuke Development

Need a powerful, flexible and secure CMS that grows with you? DotNetNuke may be the answer.

DotNetNuke is the leading Content Management System (CMS) for the .Net platform. It provides a highly flexible and intuitive approach to website creation and maintenance and can be used as a basis for the most simple to the most complex web sites and intranets.

Intuitive in-place editing
DotNetNuke uses a unique and intuitive in-place editing system that means you can navigate your site and edit content on the page, making it simple and intuitive to work on your content.
Sophisticated User Security
DotNetNUke provides an incredibly powerful user security system out of the box. It allows each page and each element on the page to be managed separately if required. Security can be specified at user or user-group level. Elements can be automatically hidden from the page or menu if not available to the viewer.
Extensive Customisation
Every aspect of DotNetNuke can be modified and extended to suit your precise needs. Visual layouts are created via Skins and extra functionality can be delivered via modules and skin objects.

Why Choose DotNetNuke?

In addition to standard editing facilities expected of any CMS, DotNetNuke provides users with an unparalleled capability to build pages to users own specification, assembling content and functionality to meet their own needs.

DotNetNuke has a thriving marketplace where off-the-shelf templates (skins) and modules (plug-ins) can be acquired and these are easy to integrate and customize.

DotNetNuke is available in several editions to allow you to achieve the optimal budget/functionality compromise. The entry level is open source and above this are professional and enterprise editions should you require an even higher level of support and out-of-the-box capability.

KLOC Digital Solutions has over 6 years’ experience in building sites on the DotNetNuke CMS platform and we can provide all the help and advice to ensure that you make the right choices to successfully deliver the site you need and for it to support you long into the future.

DotNetNuke development services...

Get custom functionality added to your site. If you can't find what you need in the DNN marketplace then we can build it for you.  More..
We can take your designs in PSD or PDF format and turn them into templates for the DotNetNuke CMS, ready to start building pages  More..

If you would like to talk about your project and DotNetNuke or any other platform please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call!