Content-managed Websites

On the web today a CMS is your vital tool for keeping your website fresh and relevant

Almost all company websites that we build today are based on a content management system, delivering great featuresĀ out of the box and allowing you to easily update your own content with minimal time and expense.

Editable Content
Add and update your own pages through powerful WYSIWYG editors or simple data entry forms with minimal effort for consistent appearance
Consistent Appearance
CMS-based sites use layout templates to deliver sophisticated designs while keeping you out of the detail to ensure a consistent layouts across your site.
Unlimited Extensibility
CMS platforms support plug-ins that allow you to include whatever capabilities you need
Easy Optimisation
Specialised plug-ins make it easy to see the state of key elements and perform optimisation tasks such as setting page titles and descriptions.

Modern CMS’s such as WordPress and DotNetNuke provide highly sophisticated user and maintenance functionality out of the box and even more via off the shelf plug-ins such as galleries, product catalogues, event bookings, customer registration and document management.

They can also be tailored to meet any specific requirements and we have all the expertise to deliver complete sites comprising off-the-shelf and bespoke capabilities along with full integration with your back office systems.

Most CMS platforms have lively marketplaces where off-the-shelf templates can be purchased and these can used to deliver sites quickly and cheaply.

Where a more bespoke visual design is required we can take designs from a graphic designer and turn these into WordPress themes or DotNetNuke skins to give you a fully functional CMS that matches your exact specifications.

Please contact us to see how we can work together to build your new website.

KLOC Digital Solutions recommend...

As software developers on both PHP and .Net-based platforms we can work with mostĀ content management systems including Joomla, Drupal and Umbraco. However for most websites we recommend one of the following...
WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world by a factor of 10! We have massive experience in building WordPress based sites  More..
DotNetNuke gives you massive power to build complex websites to meet your needs  More..