Supporting Services

Ensuring you get the most from KLOC Digital Solutions

We provide a range of services to keep your website or application running at its best.

Keeping your site running 24/7 - we provide the most flexible and well supported hosting.  More..
Application Maintenance
Reliable and secure application hosting options.
Here when you need us. Keeping your site up to date and running smoothly.  More..
Peace of mind for your business critical software.  More..

Getting your site or app built is only the beginning, keeping it running, fine tuning and enhancing it and optimising it for maximum traffic are vital to keeping it alive and achieving the return on investment that was promised at the outset.

As an IT company we are geared up to deliver high-quality, reliable and responsive support services to make sure that your site delivers.

We maintain lots of sites and applications that we didn’t build and you can benefit from our services even if we didn’t build your application.

To discuss your specific requirements please get in touch.