SQL Database Development

KLOC Digital Solutions are experts in the design and development of relational databases and SQL programming for all kinds of applications

Are you accumulating data in spreadsheets or desktop databases but feel that you have outgrown these simple tools? Has your data become unmanageable or do you need to apply more powerful techniques to extract the values that are contained in your hives? Or perhaps you have data spread around in different applications that you would like to centralise for reporting or to improve market intelligence?

Whatever the requirement, it is always worth putting a little effort into developing the right solution up front. We can build a standalone database that you can query directly, with a simple query tool or via Excel with graphs and pivot tables. We can automate the regular import, export and transformation of data to other places.

There are lots of ways to process, coalesce and configure data to make it work for you and the tools that you use. If you have data that you would like to see working harder for you then we can make that happen. KLOC are experts in building solutions with SQL Server and all of its associated tools.

And if you need a system that is built on a database then we can do that too, see our Desktop Applications and Web Applications pages for more details.