Bespoke Solution Development

KLOC build bespoke business systems

Whether you want a new solution to bring together those spreadsheets popping up all over the organisation, or you need to replace an old Access database with a new web-based system, we have the track record to deliver it for you.

From your first call to KLOC, we will engage with you to really understand your needs and design a solution that more than answers them, giving you a platform that will improve your business in so many ways:

  • Fewer user errors = Happier customers
  • Faster and easier access to your data = Better decisions
  • Encapsulate your business rules = Less dependency on individual users’ knowledge
  • Increased protection and security for you and your customers’ data
  • Reduced friction in your processes = Increased user efficiency
  • Increase shareholder value in your business

You can expect maximum support from us...

We appreciate how important this investment is to you and that it has to deliver the benefits you need and on budget too! Our requirement analysis process will flush out as much detail as possible early on so that you get accurate pricing. Our solution design will ensure that we both understand exactly what is going to be delivered, eliminating any nasty surprises during the process.

Our technical capability is peerless and we will be happy to take you through our skillset, which covers web-based, mobile and desktop platforms such as .Net, PHP, and Xamarin.

Working closely with your designated project manager, we will organise weekly status meetings and make your software available to you very early in the development process so that you can see it grow and be comfortable that it does what you need it to.

In short, we do everything possible to give you confidence and a painless delivery process.

We understand that when you go live with the solution we build for you, we are taking your entire business on our shoulders, so you can expect maximum support from us through this transition to ensure it happens as smoothly as possible.

The KLOC experience doesn’t end when your software goes live, we are proud of our support service and we will always be there to support your application when you need us, as well as to add new features and capabilities.

We have proven experience building many different systems including for finance, recruitment, order processing, event management, grant management, workforce automation, membership management, time management, activity tracking and event bookings.

You probably have lots of questions and we really would encourage you to contact us to talk about your requirements and ideas in more detail. No pressure – and that’s a promise!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Case Study

Servicemaster – Web application & mobile app

ServiceMaster franchisee Deeland Limited, works with KLOC to develop a web-based application & mobile app to handle the quoting and scheduling of it's commercial operational process FIND OUT MORE