Mobile Web Development

The quickest and cheapest way to a dedicated mobile presence

Using HTML 5 and JavaScript, KLOC Digital Solutions can build you a mobile responsive website with a high level of mobile functionality, that is compatible with all devices.


Native appearance
Using jQuery mobile, HTML 5 and high quality graphics its easier than you might think to generate a mobile website that looks and feels just like a native app!
Cross-platform Compatibility
Because a mobile site runs in a web browser using HTML and other web standards, it will naturally run on any device with few additional considerations.
Easy Distribution
Just put your site live on the web and its immediately accessible to any device. No need to publish to an app store.
Less Skills Needed
Mobile web development uses web development skills that are commonly available and require less specialised knowledge than native apps.

If you need a relatively inexpensive and simple solution to getting your functionality in front of customers on mobile devices, without the hassle of developing a dedicated app then a mobile site might be the way forward.

We can build you a great looking, mobile-specific, dedicated site with rich functionality to your specification. Perhaps a calculator, quote generator, or a mobile-specific eCommerce system?

If you think that this might be the way to go or even if you are not sure, please give us a call and we’ll do our best to help you work it out, without any obligation!