Hybrid Mobile App Development

Get the benefits of mobile presence without the expense of developing a multi-platform native app

If your requirements aren’t too complex and budget is limited then a hybrid app may be the best way forward.

Rapid Development
Uses simpler HTML 5 and JavaScript as the development platform, delivering results more quickly.
Cross-browser Compatibility
Using web-based presentation technology means that more of your code will work on all devices.
Distributed via app store
A hybrid app appears to users like a native app and is distributed the same way.
Desktop presence
As with a native app, your hybrid app will automatically be surfaced as an icon on the devices desktop.

A hybrid app will enable us to deliver your functionality more quickly, ready to run across multiple platforms. The functionality is developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript which is then displayed via a custom native app containing a web browser window.

The limitations of this approach are that access to the capabilities of the device, such as GPS, Camera, accelerometer etc may be limited and performance may be less than the  equivalent native app.

Once complete the app is handled exactly like a full native app, it is packaged up and distributed via the App Store and Google Play.

Users of the app are generally unaware that they are using HTML/JavaScript-based technology.

Hybrid apps are a great choice if you want to get an app into the appstore with minimal initial investment, perhaps to test the marketplace.

Please get in touch to discuss your options – we’ll be happy to help you work it out!