Mobile Application Development

Extending your business systems onto mobile devices and empowering your workforce, has never been more relevant

A connected mobile application for your business can improve efficiency, build competitive advantage and increase customer preference.

Just imagine announcements popping up on your teams’ smartphones to relay key messages or changes to their schedules, gathering vital data and images straight from the field, directly into your database, or allowing your customers to receive individually customised offers and pricing.

Mobile technology offers so many possibilities and they cost less to implement than you might expect.

KLOC are the perfect mobile application partner to make this happen for your business. We have accumulated huge experience in developing business systems, with the technical capability to build integrated mobile solutions that really deliver.

Our development team has got front-end technical skills to deliver native mobile apps on iOS (Apple) and Android, along with the back-end skills to build or integrate with your back-office database.

Perhaps more importantly, we are geared up to analyse your requirements, providing quality advice based on our experiences in the business world and designing the right solution to ensure that your mobile dreams become a reality. We’re located in Berkshire, just 2 miles from the M4 corridor so if you’re located close by in Oxford, Newbury, Reading, Swindon, Wiltshire, Hampshire etc, or just passing come in and meet our exceptional developer team first hand.

We will listen to your needs and advise you on what’s possible, what’s affordable and any opportunities you might have missed.

We will provide detailed designs to help you understand what will be delivered and to facilitate accurate costings to avoid unwelcome surprises during development.

Our team will be in close contact throughout the design and build process so that you are always informed and you will be able to see your mobile app as it develops.

Once your mobile application is ready, we will assist you in selecting the best mechanism to distribute the app to your intended target audience/user base and get you to the point where your app is ready to launch!

Of course, we will be on hand to help train your workforce and deal with any teething issues that may arise. In fact, we’ll be there for as long as you need us, to make sure your app starts life as a success and delivers the benefits that you hoped for.