Bespoke software solutions

KLOC specialise in solving business challenges with bespoke software solutions. Whether you want to bring together those spreadsheets popping up all over the organisation, or you need to replace an old Access database with a new browser-based system, KLOC can develop the solution to help your business. Bespoke software can help you to reduce risk, increase capacity and improve competitive advantage, while meeting the unique needs of your business.

Proven experience

The KLOC development team have decades of experience and a wide skillset, covering web-based, mobile and desktop platforms including .NET, PHP and Xamarin, as well as CRM integrations and customisations for SalesForce and MS Dynamics.

We have proven experience building solutions for a diverse range of industries including finance, recruitment, education, insurance, event management and membership bodies. Our broad experience and mature approach enable us to rapidly gain the understanding to successfully design and build new solutions for each new customer we meet, whatever vertical they may be operating in.


  • Bespoke software is tailored to perfectly meet unique business needs
  • Create a new solution, replace end-of-life software or bring together multiple systems
  • Reduce risk, increase capacity and improve competitive advantage
  • Decades of experience covering web-based, mobile and desktop platforms
  • Simple, six-step approach to ensure full understanding and customer satisfaction

Our approach

KLOC understands the concerns of businesses as they choose a partner to build a bespoke solution for them, and we aim to eliminate risks and build confidence right through the process. We involve you in all phases of the project and sign off each stage to make sure that you are completely happy with the final outcome. We follow six steps on all our bespoke projects to ensure we deliver what is needed and that budgets and timescales are met.


We start by working closely with customers on a discovery exercise to understand all aspects of their requirements. This ensures we both know exactly what is needed and when it has to be delivered. During this process we will document use cases and user stories and produce workflow diagrams.


Once we have the requirements in sufficient detail, we design an optimal solution that will satisfy this and deliver the most value for the business. During this phase we will produce screen maps, wireframes and other diagrams that that will help you to understand how the solution will look and behave. The designs give us the detail we need to define the effort and costs to build the solution.


Once the costs and delivery plan are agreed, we commence the build phase with a series of sprints, each of which delivers some aspect of the solution. We schedule weekly progress meetings and make the new software available to view throughout the development so that you can see it grow. Once the solution has been completed and signed off, we go through full acceptance testing procedures with the client.


We understand that going live with a new solution can be stressful and nerve-wracking. We always work closely with our customers to launch the solution together, with our full support through the transition to ensure it happens as smoothly as possible.


The KLOC experience doesn’t end when the software goes live, we offer on-going support and maintenance to ensure continued satisfaction. We provide maintenance contracts with SLA’s for response time and prioritisation of issues or we can work from task to task as needed.


We know that business needs change over time, so we remain on hand to help with the evolution of the software we develop. If new features or capabilities are needed, KLOC will be there to assist.

Bespoke software can help you to reduce risk, increase capacity and improve competitive advantage, all while perfectly meeting the unique needs of your business.

When it comes to bespoke software design, the possibilities are endless, so whether you have a clearly defined objective or are considering your options, contact us today to discuss your requirements.