Bespoke software solutions

KLOC specialise in solving business challenges with bespoke software solutions. Whether you want a new solution to bring together those spreadsheets popping up all over the organisation, or you need to replace an old Access database with a new web-based system, KLOC can develop the solution to help your business. Bespoke software can help you to reduce risk, increase capacity and improve competitive advantage, all while perfectly meeting the unique needs of your business.

Proven experience

The KLOC development team have decades of experience and a wide skillset, covering web-based, mobile and desktop platforms such as .Net, PHP, Xamarin and many more.

We have proven experience building many different systems including for finance, recruitment, order processing, event management, grant management, workforce automation, membership management, time management, activity tracking and event bookings. Take a look at our case studies for more information.


  • Bespoke software is tailored to perfectly meet unique business needs
  • Create a new solution, replace end-of-life software or bring together multiple systems
  • Reduce risk, increase capacity and improve competitive advantage
  • Decades of experience covering web-based, mobile and desktop platforms
  • Simple, six-step approach to ensure full understanding and customer satisfaction

Our approach

We have used our knowledge and experience to develop a six-step approach that we follow on all bespoke projects. Our aim is to reduce the perceived risks and build relationships on a strong base of trust and understanding. We involve the customer in all phases of the project and sign off each stage to make sure that they are completely happy with the final outcome.


We start all projects by working closely with our customers on a discovery exercise to understand all aspects of their requirements. This ensures we both know exactly what is needed and when it will be delivered, as well as allowing us to quote the most accurate price for the project.


Once we have all the information we need, we create a project plan detailing the proposed solution and project approach. Each customer has a designated team including a Project Manager, UX and graphic designers (if required), as many developers as necessary to build the solution within the timescales, QA engineers and an Account Manager. We organise weekly status meetings to make sure our customers are involved at every stage and aware of our progress.


Once the project plan has been agreed, we move on to the design and build of the solution. We make the software available to view early in the development process so that you can see it grow and make sure you are comfortable that it does what you need it to. Once the solution has been created and signed off, we go through full quality checking and testing procedures.


We understand that going live with a new solution can be stressful and nerve-wracking. We always work closely with our customers to launch the solution together, with our full support through the transition to ensure it happens as smoothly as possible.


The KLOC experience doesn’t end when the software goes live, we offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure continued satisfaction. We provide maintenance contracts with SLA’s for response time and prioritisation of issues or we can just work from task to task as needed.


We know that business needs change over time, so we remain on hand to help with the evolution of the software we develop. If new features or capabilities are needed, KLOC will be there to assist.

Bespoke software can help you to reduce risk, increase capacity and improve competitive advantage, all while perfectly meeting the unique needs of your business.

When it comes to bespoke software design, the possibilities are endless, so whether you have a clearly defined objective or are considering your options, contact us today to discuss your requirements.