Local charity initiative for the COVID-19 crisis

08 June 2020

KLOC use the money saved on office supplies during lockdown to donate food and household goods to local charity initiative The Lambourn Junction.

Software development services for MSPs

19 May 2020

Building partnerships during the COVID-19 crisis

Four ways to improve remote working for your business

14 May 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has meant that businesses that had never considered remote working have had to embrace it as a realistic alternative to traditional office-based working. We don’t know what is ahead, but we know that working from home is likely to be much more common for a long time to come, or maybe forever. There is also a risk that further periods of lockdown could be required.

KLOC and the COVID-19 lockdown

06 May 2020

Following the Government guidelines issued on Monday 16th March 2020, like many companies, KLOC immediately implemented its working from home policy and since then we have been operating as close to normal service as possible with all staff working remotely. We had previously offered our staff homeworking on an occasional basis but had never experienced the entire operation being home-based.

Four ways to improve your business systems during lockdown

29 April 2020

This is a difficult period for everyone and we recognise the unprecedented challenges for many small and medium sized businesses. The changes that we have all had to cope with will probably have exposed the strengths and weaknesses of your processes along with the information systems that underpin them.