KLOC develop ‘game-changing’ mobile app for Hercules Site Services

04 February 2020 | Company News, Blog

Hercules Site Services is a UK-wide specialist labour supply and price work company servicing the construction and civil engineering industry. They were aware of a number of issues around recruitment in the construction industry, including a skills and labour shortage, long working hours and commuting times, leading to a poor work/life balance as well as inefficient recruitment processes. Hercules decided to create an innovative solution to these challenges and chose KLOC as their mobile app development partner. Together we created the only app dedicated to construction, and an industry first in matching available site workers with projects that require their services.

Construction News recently published an article about the app, stating that it is “set to revolutionise the way projects source local workers” and could “help solve the skills crisis facing construction in the UK.”

The article quotes Hercules Site Services Recruitment Manager, Chris Winfield, talking about the issues they were facing:

“We wanted to tackle local-to-project employment and help reduce travel and commuting times for the workforce, which would also tackle the issue of fatigue management. This, in turn, creates a better work/life balance for the workers and has a positive impact on health and wellbeing. Another major topic to tackle was modern slavery, our system is able to monitor for tell-tale signs and flags anything suspicious to our trained staff.”

“We were as guilty as our peers within the industry of utilising the same methods to recruit as companies were 30 years ago and we had to do things drastically differently. We had to move away from paper documentation, form-filling and back and forth phone calls spread over a number of days and move to an efficient, paperless process that integrated into our current software systems.”

Chris goes on to talk about how the app helps address those issue:

“If we can find a local workforce, that should help eliminate problems that stem from fatigue management and prevent accidents from happening due to people being too tired.”

“We will be looking to produce a bespoke suite of reports and heat mapping that can provide detail on data such as workforce locations and skill gaps by town, city or region. These can be utilised across the business to further improve our recruitment processes and to enable us to efficiently target the right areas for the right workers and to create initiatives to reduce the skill gaps where required.”

The full article is available to read here on Construction News.

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