KLOC develop bespoke insurance system for KBIS British Equestrian Insurance

07 June 2021 | Company News

KLOC has developed and launched a bespoke insurance system for KBIS, one of the largest equine insurance providers in the UK.

As the UK’s leading independent horse insurance specialists, KBIS needed a system that would allow them to manage their processes effectively and efficiently across the business.

KBIS had previously been using two difference insurance systems, but both were approaching end-of-life. This was causing issues around updates, fixing bugs and developing new features so KBIS decided they needed a new solution. Their aim was to consolidate their processes into one system, streamlining the business and allowing them to bring new insurance products to the market quicker.

KBIS chose KLOC as their software development partner. KLOC developed the system using Microsoft ASP.NET Core C# and Entity Framework Core.

The new system allows KBIS to manage all aspects of customer accounts, policies and claims. They have been able to replace the two systems they were using while also eliminating their reliance on supporting spreadsheets. Their new system allows more efficiency, reliability, security and scalability.

Guy Prest, Managing Director at KBIS, said, “KLOC have succeeded where many others have failed in developing a bespoke insurance system. It has completely changed our business and allow us to complete our business processes in one place. We continue to work with KLOC on further developments and improvements to the system.”

To find out more about KBIS, please visit their website.


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