KLOC develop and launch bespoke web application for CarbonX

06 April 2021 | Company News

KLOC has helped develop and launch a bespoke website for CarbonX, allowing users to offset their vehicles’ greenhouse gas emissions.

CarbonX aim to provide sustainability as a service with their first offering to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas footprint, one vehicle at a time. UK vehicles alone contribute 102M tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent into the atmosphere each year, so CarbonX are making it easier to offset the emissions released by supporting projects which remove them from the atmosphere and support the local communities that provide them.

CarbonX needed a system that included an instant carbon offset calculator for customers and a backend portal with account management capabilities for integration into partner business’ operations. They chose KLOC as their development partner.

KLOC developed an easy-to-use online calculator – customers simply enter their vehicle registration and annual mileage, the calculator then interfaces to the DVLA vehicle information API, works out the amount of carbon the vehicle will emit in one year and provides a price to offset that amount of emissions. The offset will be achieved by investing into climate projects and social enterprises working to reduce the impact on the environment.

Lawrence Campbell, Founder of CarbonX said, “As a new business, it was vital for us to quickly launch an effective website explaining what we do with an online calculator to work out the emissions, match them to a trusted offset and quote for each customer. KLOC helped bring our vision to life. Their years of experience combined with our passion for sustainability have helped us deliver an innovative solution for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.”

Click here to view the website and find out more about CarbonX.

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