KLOC and the COVID-19 lockdown – an update!

21 July 2020 | Blog

Now that many of the lockdown restrictions have been removed, but most businesses still have staff working from home, we thought we would put together an update on how it has been going for us.

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Remote working

We are still operating with almost all our staff working from home and we expect this to continue for the rest of the year. Longer term, we expect our staff will continue to work on a much more flexible basis than was normal pre-lockdown. This will allow existing staff to work remotely and give us the option to recruit new staff from a much wider geographical area as they will only need to visit our offices occasionally.


Although our staff are working from home as the default, our office is available for meetings and for team members that are less comfortable working from home. We are fortunate to have a spacious office to facilitate social distancing and have taken measures such as providing hand sanitiser and masks. We are planning to implement bookable hot desks and “team days” to manage the number of people in the office at any one time. We are also investigating how we can improve ventilation around the office to ensure a safe environment.


Like many others, we continue to rely on Teams, Zoom and Slack, as well as traditional email and phone, to aid communication. We have a weekly call with the whole team, as well as regular calls with smaller groups. We have conducted one socially distanced face-to-face customer meeting in our offices, as well as one team meeting. With the changes we are making to the office, we will be able to host more meetings if required but are also still utilising regular customer video calls. We have found that for many customer meetings, it is more efficient to hold a video conference than a face-to-face meeting, as less time is wasted in travelling and people with minimal involvement in the call subject can continue to work on other things during the call but contribute when needed. Overall, this has meant that we can conduct more frequent and more focused customer meetings, leading to improved communications and better project outcomes.


It has been interesting to see the impact of prolonged working from home and we are pleased to say we have seen far more positives than negatives. We have seen increases in productivity and efficiency, while still being able to maintain good levels of communication. It has given us fresh inspiration for how we will function as a business in the future, and we can see many new opportunities to enhance growth and profitability, which is something we had not expected. Overall, we are grateful to have seen so many upsides during what has otherwise been a very challenging time!

We are keen to hear how lockdown impacted other businesses, how have you managed with staff working remotely? Are there any areas of the business or processes that could be improved? Is there anything we can do to help?

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