How software solutions can help to re-open offices

25 August 2020 | Blog

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease, offices are now beginning to re-open. While we believe that an increase in remote working is here to stay, there is still a need in many cases for a traditional office environment.

Working in an office is likely to be different for quite some time with social distancing restrictions and limits on personal interaction. Technological changes need to put in place as well as physical ones and we believe software solutions play a large part.

Booking systems

If your office relies on hot desks or use of meeting rooms, you are likely to need a booking system to allow you to manage availability, monitor staff numbers and allow time for cleaning. You may need extra functionality like making sure surrounding areas are also booked to allow for social distancing or ensuring the correct meeting room is booked to give sufficient space for the number of attendees.


With your workforce dispersed its essential that they can access all information and perform all key processes from wherever they are. Similarly, for customers interacting with your business, also with a distributed workforce, it’s important that they can receive a consistent service and perform all of their interactions with you quickly and painlessly. Putting your systems online, with end-to-end capabilities for all actors, is the key to achieving this. A well implemented e-business system will allow you to maintain all transactions in a central system that can be operated on by any authorised staff and customers, anytime, anywhere.

Replace legacy software

As teams are more likely to be splitting their time between working from home and the office, it is essential that your systems are set up to easily allow remote access. Switching from LAN based software to browser-based allows remote access from any location via the internet. This approach is easier and cheaper to manage and maintain, while also allowing you to set up specific access controls.


You may find that with limited face-to-face interaction, you need to explore other opportunities to improve communication – either with staff or with customers. This could be in the form of a collaboration tool, mobile app, online chat built into your website or whatever suits your business.

Taking time to review your processes and tools will help your staff to perform well and make them feel more comfortable about returning to the office.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your software requirements, please contact us today. KLOC is a software development company based in Berkshire, specialising in solving business challenges with software solutions. We have years of experience designing, building and delivering high-quality solutions backed by expert support for a wide range of companies. We want to use our expertise to help other businesses grow and develop during this time.