How could bespoke software help your business?

18 February 2020 | Blog

As a specialist in bespoke software solutions, we are constantly asked questions about software development and the same types of questions come up a lot. We wanted to take some time over the next few weeks to answer the top questions in a series of blog posts to help you decide if a bespoke software solution is right for your business. Here is the first installment.

How could bespoke software help my business?

There is no single way to answer this question, it is specific to your business and requirements but there are a few benefits we can mention that cover a wide range of customers and projects –

  • Eliminate dependency on old technology
    Many businesses find themselves reliant on legacy software like Microsoft Access or even Foxpro to manage increasingly complex tasks. This can increase risk due to lack of developer support or security vulnerabilities. A bespoke solution can be built on the latest technology and kept up-to-date to suit your needs.
  • Reinforce homegrown systems
    We often talk to customers that have kicked-off a new process and supported it with a spreadsheet-based solution. This has then grown in both size and complexity as the business has developed, ultimately outgrowing the capacity and capabilities of Excel and becoming a risk to the business.  Building a bespoke solution can enforce specific rules, enhance scalability, and massively reduces the risk of data loss/corruption often associated with a spreadsheet-based approach.
  • Increase efficiency
    Using off-the-shelf software can be time-consuming and inefficient due to it not working exactly as required, often leading to the growth of unapproved sub-systems that take you back to the problems discussed above. By using a solution that was designed to meet your precise needs, processes can be completed in one place saving time, reducing errors and working more effectively.  What’s more, bespoke solutions can be easily evolved to stay inline with ever-changing business processes
  • Gain competitive advantage
    Whether it is by giving you a technological advance, or by offering customers something they cannot get anywhere else, bespoke solutions can help you stand out against your competition, increasing sales and driving retention.  The net result – more profit and ultimately greater value for your business!

For more information or if you have a requirement you would like to discuss, contact KLOC today. You can also find out more about the services we provide by visiting the bespoke software solutions section of our website.