eCommerce website for Students

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Student Software Now offers discounted pricing on the most popular software choices for academic use.

Student Software Now is owned by its parent company: Grey Matter (one of the UK’s leading software resellers).

KLOC Digital Solutions were asked to assist with the back end development of the website to add eCommerce capabilities for students to order discounted software with ease. Grey Matter already have an established system and KLOC were asked to emulate and integrate in places. It can often be a complicated task when taking on historical designs but with communication, dedication and enthusiasm we collectively got the job done.

The main system is made up of four main components:

  •  – WordPress Site
  • – Intermediate Database containing product data
  • – SSIS package to import product data from intermediate database to WordPress
  • – Intermediate web services program, reading/writing to the messages table in the intermediate database

If you are a student or teach and are looking for discount prices on some of the world’s leading software providers; Microsoft, Adobe, SketchUp, MindManager, Embarcadero and more then visit Student Software today.