Do you need to update your membership management system?

14 September 2020 | Blog

If you are a membership organisation or professional body running an old system, the circumstances we have been dealing with during the COVID-19 pandemic will have probably exposed some limitations with this. If you have had difficulty accessing your system while working from home, you may be wondering what alternatives are available.

An ideal solution to this issue is a browser-based solution hosted in the cloud. This can provide specific access control and can be used by multiple members of staff simultaneously from any remote location via the internet using just a web browser. In the long run, this approach will also be cheaper to manage and maintain.

A great benefit of getting away from old, standalone, databases is that the modern equivalent is also easily integrated with your website to support private members portals, online event bookings and renewals.

KLOC Membership Management System

KLOC Membership Management System (KLOC-MMS) provides the most powerful combination of audience administration and content management features on the market today.

KLOC-MMS is a fully featured, commercial-grade application, that handles all the key tasks associated with running membership entities such as membership applications, payment handling, content management, document generation and event administration.

KLOC-MMS is designed to easily and effectively cope with the specific business needs of membership organisations, professional bodies, industry associations, clubs, livery companies and guilds while eliminating the need for expensive and cumbersome external CRM system.

Our solution integrates tightly with WordPress so that owners can enjoy all the rich content management features that WordPress offers to build and manage an attractive web presence for both public and private members areas. However, unlike many simplistic WordPress membership plug-ins, the KLOC-MMS incorporates a full CRM, designed to deliver rapid performance even with high-volume databases.

Key features include:

  • Member registration, logon and profile pages
  • Members’ area with private content
  • Members self-service
  • Members directory (public or private) for businesses and private members
  • Multiple membership classes/levels
  • Automatic renewal processing
  • Various payment methods
  • Event management with calendar, multiple event types, online event booking
  • Members groups with members access to group-only content
  • Correspondence generation and document management
  • Email distribution

If you have any questions or would like more information about KLOC-MMS, please contact us today.