Servicemaster – Web application & mobile app

ServiceMaster franchisee Deeland Limited works with KLOC to develop a web-based application & mobile app to handle the quoting and scheduling of it’s commercial operational process


Deeland Limited is one of the largest and successful ServiceMaster Clean franchise businesses in the UK, offering a wide range of specialist cleaning services designed to meet and exceed their clients’ expectations.  Their business retention rate is one of the highest in the cleaning industry.

In order to achieve and maintain high service standards, Deeland has developed a business philosophy centred on the “Pursuit of Excellence” and a culture based on the values of:  Principles – People – Performance.  These values have contributed to their business success.

Through an introduction from KLOC’s MSP partner ASAP Computer Services, Nick Dee Shapland, M.D. of Deeland Limited chose KLOC as his development partner to build a web application and mobile app, to meet the commercial requirements of their business.


Nick wished to create a Customer Service web application that would enable the business to schedule the wide and varying range of cleaning services and at the same time for the customer to be able to view online through a customer portal the service programmes contracted to them and an up to date position regarding service visits made!

The database required was to support a wide range of applications including:  defining unit costs for various tasks and service programmes, to produce quotes based on the unit measurements of the area and features to be serviced, accumulated through site surveys. To plan work schedules based on contracted service programmes, to produce weekly work sheets detailing Health & Safety Risk Assessments, cleaning tasks to be undertaken by each cleaning operative; the monthly financial totals that will allow invoices to be created and entered into a separate business application.

In addition to the web application, a mobile App was required to produce savings in the tasks process and accumulation of paperwork. The mobile app basically is to replace the standard job sheet with many added benefits, such as:  Health & Safety Risk Assessment, to be carried out by the cleaning operative on every site that is serviced, before any task is carried out. The App enables the operative to take pictures of the site and record those pictures against the site address. Every task is checked off and recorded. The App locates the cleaning operative to the site.


Due to the bespoke nature of Deeland’s requirements, PHP Laravel was the chosen platform to build the application which when completed, met Deeland’s requirements and surpassed their expectations.

The web application was built with all the features specified, but as the project progressed and based on the flexibility Laravel offered, KLOC was able to add a significant number of additional features as Deeland realised the full potential of the solution.

The mobile app fully integrated with the web application, allowing cleaning staff to login to see their task list, confirm the status of tasks, use Google maps to show addresses of sites and add photos on Health & Safety and task checklists.

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  • The core principles of our database project were in place, however, it’s layout and ease of navigation was not and much work was needed to get this right. The practical approach used by Jim Parsons, Managing Director of KLOC to carry out a brainstorming exercise, using flip charts, to analyse the business processes that were needed to be part of our database, quickly transformed our database computer screen to a very professional layout and importantly easy to use computer programme
    Nick Dee Shapland, Managing Director – Deeland