Website Development

Your website is at the root of all of your marketing activity – KLOC Digital Solutions will build you a great site and keep it working for you!

KLOC build and maintain all manner of websites for a whole range of customers. We can build everything from the simplest to the most complex, from flat HTML sites to content managed sites using WordPress or DotNetNuke.

We have a wealth of experience with WordPress and DotNetNuke. We can customise your CMS to look exactly what you want and do exactly what you need  More..
Deliver stunning web-based applications using the latest browser capabilities or mobile web sites that look as good as native apps  More..
Most of your traffic is probably coming via visitors using mobile devices. How good does your site look on your smartphone? Mobile responsive sits are optimised to look good on all devices  More..
Now there are no excuses for making do with boring web pages - bring your website to life with dynamic, JavaScript-driven capabilities  More..

Choose KLOC Digital Solutions to build your site

Whatever you need to do on the web, we can probably help and have a wealth of experience to bring to the party that will ensure that your project is successfully delivered and goes on to be a success in the marketplace.

We build great sites but perhaps more importantly we provide an unparalleled level of service throughout the lifetime of your site.

If you need reassurance we will be happy to arrange for you to talk to one of our many happy customers.

Leading creative agencies choose KLOC to build the sites that they design. If you would like to work with us directly we can help you to choose a creative agency to design your site or mobile app.

case studies


Nomadic Tours Website Maintenance

KLOC (formerly Performance Web) is pleased to have helped online travel company, Nomadic Tours, with their website maintenance.


CM-Logic Website

KLOC (formerly Performance Web) and design agency Inca Creative worked together on building a new website for CM-Logic.