Website Maintenance

We’ll look after your site and help you to evolve it even if we didn’t build it!

We take just as much pride in providing quality maintenance services as we do in providing quality  builds.

Content Addition
We can build new pages for you and submit them for your approval before putting them live.
New Templates
We can extend the original range of styles to keep your existing design working.
New Functionality
Add extra features to your site to enhance its appeal.
We always here, the phones are always answered and we know who you are.
We retain the knowledge of your site so when you call we know what's where.
We're happy to give you the best advice and help you to keep your site alive and kicking.

More and more customers are bringing their sites to Performance Web because the appreciate that quality of service over a long period of time is essential to keeping their websites fresh and functioning.

Too many one man bands and freelancers either go broke, disappear, or lose interest, forcing site owners to find a new partner to look after their site.

KLOC is the logical choice – we’ve been around for 10 years, we have customers with us that have been with us since day one and we understand the concepts of professionalism and customer service.

We promise you won’t be disappointed!

case studies

Axial Website

KLOC, in conjunction with our creative agency partner Theme Group, first implemented a new website for Axial System in 2012.