Membership Website Solution

A dedicated cloud-based solution for Membership Organisations and Professional Bodies


KLOC’s Membership Management System (KLOC-MMS) is a fully-featured, commercial grade, web-based application, designed to assist membership organisations with all of the key tasks involved in running membership entities such as industry bodies, clubs, guilds, and protected content sites in general.

The solution is implemented as a WordPress plug-in so that owners can enjoy all of the rich content management features that WordPress offers. However, unlike many basic plug-ins, the features of the KLOC Membership Management System have been implemented to deliver rapid performance even with high-volume databases.

KLOC-MMS includes the following features:

Member registration & logon
Member profile pages
Members' area with private content, and access to members only content
Members directory (public or private)
User definable profile content
Free or paid membership
Multiple membership domains/faculties
Multiple membership classes/levels
Payments for membership & events via GoCardless, PayPal, Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer
Extensible architecture means any payment provider can be added
Renewal processing
Flexible membership pricing models
Membership groups (committees, interest groups, working parties, projects etc)
Event management with calendar, multiple event types, online event booking
Manage training courses
Event table planner
Database search with result data extract
Correspondence generation for physical and email
Individual and bulk emailing
Inter-member relationships
Content protection by member/non-member, group-member, event attendee
Document management
Data import facility
Easy integration via standard WordPress mechanisms