Solution Development

Custom solutions can make your business more profitable – we can show you how!

We build bespoke solutions and integrate existing systems to make your processes run more efficiently and deliver more useful information to make you more effective .


Select a service below to find out more about what we can do for you...
Highly-functional thin client apps with HTML 5 & JavaScript.  More..
Traditional windows-based apps running on server, desktop or laptop environments.  More..
Native, hybrid and web-based apps for tablets and smartphones.  More..
Multi-tier network-based transaction processing applications.  More..
Network API's for program to program communications on REST or SOAP-based protocols.  More..
Customise, integrate and enhance MS Dynamics and Salesforce CRM to meet your needs .  More..
Automate import and export of data to Sage, Quickbooks and other systems  More..
Design, Build and enhance SQL Databases to replace spreadsheets and drive reporting.  More..

More than just websites...

Building websites is just one aspect of what we do. We came to the web via a long history in solution development, covering industries such as publishing, travel, telecommunications, software, marketing, finance  and many more. We have seen many technologies come and go and survive in a fast moving marketplace by rapidly evolving to utilise the latest tools and platforms.

Today we are building and maintaining a diverse portfolio of solutions both web-facing and private line-of-business systems using a wide range of technologies.

If you need software development of any kind then we look forward to talking to you to discuss your needs.

case studies

Continental Travelnurse ASP.NET application

Continental Travelnurse were looking for a simplified online time management solution for their nursing staff.