Mobile Development

The world is going mobile – are you on-board?

The use of smartphone and tablet devices are replacing the PC as the platform of choice for accessing data and transacting business.  Work with KLOC to deliver your strategy for communicating with customers, suppliers and employees via this compelling channel.

The purest way do deliver functionality for mobile users, access all device features and publish via the app store/Google Play.  More..
The quickest way to build and deploy mobile-specific cross platform capabilities.  More..
The best of both world? Develop quickly in HTML but deploy as a native app via the app store.  More..
Do it all through your company website! Manage the display to match the device.  More..

KLOC Digital Solutions can help...

The use of Javascript and HTML5 makes it possible to develop websites for mobile that are hard to distinguish from native apps, cost much less to develop and are inherently cross-platform.

However, there are benefits to delivering native apps such as owning space on the customers mobile desktop, increased functionality, and improved ability to communicate via push notifications.

We can build simple standalone apps or more complex apps with backend server integration, for example, to content management systems or databases. Our design partners will ensure that your app or mobile site works intuitively as well as looking great.

The decision of which approach to use to reach your mobile customers is complex and the right strategy will vary according to factors including the required functionality, the size of the audience and the available budget for both marketing and development. We will be happy to help you make this decision by looking at your options and providing budget figures for the development of each.

Whatever you are trying to achieve in the mobile channel, please get in touch to discuss your options. We’re always here to help!