Application Development


Customers demand easy to use, ‘always on’ applications designed for use on any device.

The purest way do deliver functionality for mobile users, access all device features and publish via the app store/Google Play.  More..
The quickest way to build and deploy mobile-specific cross platform capabilities.  More..
The best of both world? Develop quickly in HTML but deploy as a native app via the app store.  More..
Do it all through your company website! Manage the display to match the device.  More..

KLOC Digital Solutions can help...

The solutions we build range from simple data capture apps through to the development of  large, complex management systems.

We deliver high-quality, cost-effective, solutions and maintenance backed by expert support.  Our bespoke, fully integrated solutions make your processes run more efficiently and deliver more usable information to give you the advantage.

case studies

Deeland – Web application & mobile app

Deeland Limited works with KLOC to develop a web-based application & mobile app to handle the quoting and scheduling of it's commercial operational process FIND OUT MORE