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From integration with existing business systems to comprehensive CRM customisation, we have a proven track record in enhancing Microsoft CRM and

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CRM customisation to fit your client’s exact business needs

Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce CRM are used globally by a wide variety of different organisations representing almost every industry sector. Whilst these and other similar CRM software tools do a great job satisfying most customer needs for managing, tracking and measuring sales opportunities, for optimum performance there is still room for some adjustment and customisation depending on the individual business.

Leaving the recommending of CRM sales processes, methodologies and best practices to our expert CRM Consultancy clients to configure with their customers, KLOC Digital Solutions acts alongside as a silent partner assisting with software customisations to screens, entities, workflows, reports or dashboards as required. On a strictly non-competitive basis, we help consultancies and other vendors deliver a tailored and enhanced CRM software solution that precisely matches different organisations’ processes, no matter how complex.

Experts in CRM integration

As well as the customisation of CRM systems, we also work with our Consultancy clients to ensure their customers maximise the return on their investment further by providing seamless integration and connectivity between their CRM and their other business critical systems. This is key for customers looking to achieve high productivity in sales and operations, extending CRM capabilities and reducing errors via the ability to instantly share accurate, up to date data from across the business.

KLOC is able to contribute knowledge, experience and integration skills to a CRM consultancy partnership to help their clients successfully integrate Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and other major CRM platforms with all relevant business applications.