About us

klocKLOC is an industry term meaning “thousands of lines of code”, We start from a fundamental competence in software development but our success is realised through our ability to understand our clients’ businesses.

We combine these skills with a focus on great service and a high level of professionalism to deliver a stress-free implementation experience for our clients.

Our team comprises developers of all grades and skill sets and we excel in UX and technical design, project management  & QA  to ensure that all of your needs are covered and your projects run smoothly to plan.

We understand that our clients need more than just project delivery and so we naturally focus on building long-term relationships. Our support and account management services give you confidence to take your business forward on the solutions that we supply.

KLOC was established in 2005 with the objective of delivering high-quality, web-based solutions with a capable and professional approach. The fact that many of our early clients are still with KLOC over 10 years later and have asked KLOC to build and maintain multiple generations of their website and systems, is a testament to the level of success that we have achieved in hitting that objective.

Today you will find that we have coalesced our experiences into a set of solid processes that provide a solid framework for your projects. These help us to guarantee that the KLOC experience will be consistently good for all of our customers.

In your search for your ideal development partner I hope that you will take the time to talk to our team and see for yourself how determined we are to provide you with a great development experience!